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Quantum Hitch-Hiker is divided into three sections:

Part 1: Thoughts on thoughts

Thoughts on thoughts: stories, blogs, takes, poems, song lyrics, feel-good literature, and metaphors on thoughts, connecting them to our current reality.

Part 2: Building Your Rainbow

How do you program yourself? Well, this short, important section gives you the guidelines for mindful steering. We are all walking, living, breathing programs. Here is how to change the program specifically, step by step. I communicate that if your program (your life), and your current situation need changing, then you need to know the simple, exact way to do it.

Part 3: Simpl- "I" -city: Tommy Teeple's custom program prayer

I impart to you the reader my custom prayer program-my signal, broadcasted out in a walk-through as if it is happening now. This is your prototype to give you ideas to write, record, or film your own program. Now you have a guide.

From the Author:

I came from a great family, the nicest parents and brothers and sisters. I grew up in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania and played around the neighborhood as a child, including sports in high school; I was a B-C student and later I graduated college with a technical degree in drafting design. From there, I went on to corporate work: using manual and Computer Aided Design, customizing CAD systems, teaching CAD and coordinating program marketing coordinator for a junior college for 3 years. At age 25, I made a spontaneous move to Europe that brought on drastic personal change.

While living in Switzerland, I lived without TV and mainstream media for three years. When I returned to the states I realized how dependent I was on the TV for news, entertainment, conversational topics, and how everyone's life heavily depended upon it. I started reading books, and I began to realize that, over the years, what I was, and was not, letting into my mind was molding me into the person I was and am today. The input that was going in would come out; sometimes sooner-a day; sometimes later-a few years. The connection became clearer and clearer.

People would say to me, "God, are you different."

I would say, "Here is why: First, I do not watch TV; and second, I intentionally direct what I let into my mind using a specific formula, a custom repetitive prayer I’ve developed over the years.” In Quantum Hitch Hiker, I give the reader tools to create their own custom prayer, tailored specifically for their individual process. Then, readers simply brainwash themselves as I do, too, to rewrite their own programming and to saturate their minds with what they specifically want their lives to be. I simply share my experiences, views, and my custom program. The people who really resonate with this book will take the information and run with it.

In reality, our wishes are always coming true. Look around at the good, the bad and everything in between. Perhaps in today's world one might say, "It's a little or a lot bad," but the pendulum is swinging as these and other simple secrets are being revealed to the masses. We are individually and collectively creating it all, so after we digest this reality, then naturally we would rather re-direct what we are currently letting into our minds, from our perception of negative thought input, to positive thought input.

An example of a shift in perception could cause us to examine our views that the green living movement is positive, and polluted city movement is negative. Now we see trickles of green living coming through the mainstream media, because most of us prefer clean, non-toxic environments, and enough of us have saturated our minds with environmental conscious living.

What differentiates Quantum Hitch Hiker from other quantum media or other books is that the reader is shown exactly how to re-wire him or herself. Most of the latest quantum media out there shows how the mind works, and they encourage general affirmations, etc.

It's important now that Quantum Hitch Hiker ushers in what's missing from the other quantum media, so the simplicity of it (writing your custom program) is revealed. Steer your life exactly the way you want it by refining your program, over and over, like a piece of art, adding and deleting what works and what does not. Eventually, your piece of art, your life, your custom program, levels off to a plateau. You watch it unfold in front of you as you constantly edit it and continue to saturate your mind with what "you" choose by reading, playing it back to you via whatever medium you can create: writing, reading, film, cards, etc.

This is exactly what is happening anyway (via current media, perhaps past family programming and culture), so you might as well customize it to your highest good. You can saturate your mind with a green world over and over until it manifests, whatever the length of time it takes. In-between time is nothing, because time is an event. You choose the events. You find ways to bombard your mind with the events catered to you by you.

Quantum Hitch Hiker shares this knowledge (collection of events) that has been around forever, combined with my custom prayer, knowing it will come back a hundredfold, plus! I am a particle of a collective, co-creative, mind-blowing, rising consciousness, preparing to ride the biggest wave with an infinite potential number of riders (other custom programs), ready to weave and carve an eternal wave over and over.

We realize we bring forward the water, the riders, the sun, the wave, the surfboards, bathing suits and all. We are individual parts of the co-created ride, shaping the whole thing over and over endlessly.

Enjoy one of the infinite ways to change your life, via: “Quantum Hitch Hiker!”

Thank you,


Quantum Hitch-hiker, by Tommy Teeple

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Now! The audio version of Quatum Hitch-hiker,
Spoken Word Intensions, Clic Here!