This is a little speech that Tommy had prepared prior to a book signing, combined with a music event in Topanga, California.

We have titled it:

If there was a printer connected to your brain....

Quantum Hitch-Hiking: Building a night of Local Musik, Food, & Fun!

Like building a house, some one does the design. Others bring bricks, cinder blocks, cement, and build the foundation....then the windows, the insulation, the flooring, the plumbing, electrical, the furniture....

What about this night?
Did we all, every person here build this night we now experience?

While Working, driving, walking down the road this week, did u imagine yourself coming here, havin fun here, dancing or laughing or what ever?  Did u have any images of what this night might look like?

This book here, I hold in my hands carries a message, a concept that took me quite a few years to grasp & really believe. My friends & I talk in these terms of creating our successes and failures, positive/negative dramas, but still in the mist of talking about this I still some how forget that I've created my successes and failures. I really seem to forget this reality when I'm really angry or enraged or dissapointed.

Part of the reason why I share/impart the information is so I will b reminded that I am creating my own reality like writing a script to a movie. This life movie "Tommy Teeple" is a movie as close to real as real can get coming from this reality looking thru these two eyes, hearing thru these ears, smelling thru this nose & feeling with these hands. I see you all, you see me right?

We all could b on a party train traveling to Montana, we could all be on a potential plane crash landing over Hawaii, we could all b standing in line at the grocery store, we could b doin anything other then what we r doin here-which happens to be: "sharing this book and musik with family & friends."   

Thank u 4 coming but really u can thank yourself since u r writing the script, all of it : "ALL OF YOUR LIFE SCRIPT". You helped build this night, you helped bring it into your existance with thoughts, images, It's all consciously pre planned by ourselves or some one else unconsciously. U came here at your own will or some one or something got u here to perhaps b open to what this book is about. When u talk about this night in the future. Realize from my little infintestably small perspective that u co-created the nite whether it was great or not, happy or sad, good or bad.... you & I predetermined that b4 the show even happened. The script was pre-written & we r now re writing the next show secretly in our minds to be exposed in that next reality. We're all quietly writing our scripts, it just so happens I dumped my script onto paper for you to read-that's all. Every one's scripts are already written really...if u were to have it on paper, could I read it? If there was a printer connected to your brain, we could just print it out..yes we could. Then the question is could we all read it? Would you share it?

I am not above or below u, nor am I ur guru or teacher imposing something upon you. I am not here to say what is right or wrong or what to think. How could I? Especially if you are writing your own script tailored special for you. Only you can do something so intimate and take responsibility for what you believe right and wrong is.

 I am here wearing one costume from the infinite possibility costume shop. One costume might be a book author, maybe long haired Topanga hippy Edible Landscaper, and how bout a  singer in a co-created band called The Quantum Hitch-Hikers made up of fun & friendship?  

I am here to ask you if u r willing to look beyond me, beyond this book, it's cover as if there was nothing left but "it's message". That's what the core of this communication is about rapped up in this piece of literature, this book titled Quantum-Hiker.

Thank you for revealing at least this part of your script, that is "sharing in with this nite of book signing, local musik, food and fun!"

Thank you for coming tonight, all local friends, aquaintances, I & we welcome your participation...and everyone who had such an important part in bringing this book forward. They are all listed in the opening pages.

Go to

The downloadable digital version is available there.

Your questions, comments, feedback and observations are welcome there or feel free to approach me after the show.

Thanx to:

Claire owner of Mimosa
Paul Kenny
Johnny Maxwell
Hanna & Marlies Kovenach
Franceska Balandasso
John Cohen
Marie Rains

Impermenant passin I declare in this vehicle vessle for us 2 share!
We're The Quantum Hitch-Hikers!

We're gonna play a few tunes and have a little fun...

Lets continue to uncover a "Perfect" Nite uncovered by us!


Your Quantum Hitch-Hiker,
Tommy Teeple We r The Quantum Hitch-Hikers!

We're gonna play a few tunes and have a little fun...

Lets continue to uncover a "Perfect" Nite uncovered by us!


Your Quantum Hitch-Hiker,
Tommy Teeple