Walt Disney and Tommy Teeple

Quite a few years ago I was in a bit of despair over the chemicals in the food, the water, the air, the clothing, our living environments, thought pollution, and the more I looked into and studied the state of our society, the deeper the despair went on many levels. I was in this state for several years of "Oh God how? Why?". When I look up despair, one of it's synonyms is "without". So take all the emotions and drama out and I was left with: I was living without a fresh air, lush, garden, harmonic world.

Contrary to this some of the dark despairing information I was uncovering, I discovered solution oriented ways to make practical change. Eating organic local food, installing edible landscapes, getting more fresh air were simple things I incorporated into my life because of what I was feeding my mind with at that time. Lots of whole food diet books, edible landscaping, and uplifting spiritual text. During these times there was lots of bouts with loneliness, feeling as though I was one of a very few incorporating this way of living. A way of living that seemed so simple to me but why not the other 99% of the people I knew? Time went on and my outdoor organic living creative artistic lifestyle was not just a faze, it was a conviction. When I moved to California, I wrote my custom program that I share in "Quantum Hitch-Hiker" as I realized the connection between what I was letting into my mind and my actual living reality. The custom program was to fine tune my direction in life, a reminder and a tool to keep from slipping back into the toxic chemicalized spiritual void environment I had come from. I started meeting other people who I had much in common with as far as organic living goes. They too were at least partially filling their minds with more natural life style alternatives. That felt great, less lonely along with lots of folks who believed they were creating their realities so why not make it a harmonic one!

Just last week, late May 2010, I was offered a job to do some drawings for The Walt Disney Company for an Edible Landscape Garden under the umbrella of another company that does Edible Landscaping. At Walt Disney's Burbank studios there are several restaurants. It is their intention to grow all their produce for the restaurants on their studio properties. The drawings/designs were for huge gardens equaling a small farm.

I see Walt Disney as a major broad caster to the planet. When I first got into an organic life style, it was lonely. Now it's just a bit different meaning potentially billions of people will see Walt Disney grow their own food. When I stepped onto the property there to survey the areas for the vegetable beds and meet with the chefs, it dawned on me, the lonely days 15 yrs. ago. I felt as if I was the only one interested in an organic life style back then. Some thing went full circle. The potential reality that was once a despairing lonely single dream along with me being labeled as an extremist, had now transformed into a tip of the ice berg ready to reveal it's hugeness below to the whole world!

It's my belief we are always receiving and giving off signals. These signals are chosen moment to moment. They create our world starting individually and eventually collectively. It can be the other way around too where it starts collectively then reaches the individual. When it starts individual, then one feels empowered, and part of its creation. When it starts collectively, by the time it reaches the individual, its seen as a mystery as to how its created. When this happens it feels powerless, like "I can not change the world" no matter whether it's gardens or wars! And you can't if that's your belief! And you can if that's your belief! I'm just attempting to communicate the mechanics of it all so you know the score! Then you continue on living a reality you create, or live some one else's. That's as deep as it gets!

When I envisioned a lush clean green garden world, it overwhelmed me as if I had to build a mountain myself. But the reality was, we were all building the mental mountains that eventually become physical. The polluted world, the clean one. The healthy body or a diseased one. Life and death.  In this case building, infusing life with mental projections of a lusher, greener, more cleaner world that eventually and inevitably manifest in infinite growing possibilities. That one growing possibility happened to be a raised bed vegetable garden design for the Walt Disney Company located in Burbank, California. Everyone I met at the meeting, the other edible landscapers, the Walt Disney chefs, the designers and construction workers were all dreaming it up. The co-created dream becomes a co-reality as we met and discussed the next steps.

It would have been great if I could have just snapped my fingers and asked Walt Disney to build raised vegetable beds for their restaurants fifteen yrs. back. And they did it. But nahhh,  it makes sense now that we must work to bring our dreams forward and share the success! All that loneliness, thousands of steps and work over fifteen years, and then finally meetings with Walt Disney are arranged.

All drama positive and negative emotions aside, putting me on a pedestal or in a dumpster cause you vibe or do not with gardens is irrelevant.

What's relevant is understanding how the intimate, local, and global world you live in is co-created by you and what you choose to dream it up to be moment by moment thought by thought. When you really get it then you go and make your "true" choices.

And who wrote the script you are living right now?

Thank you.

Tommy Teeple....