So how does one become a Quantum Hitch-Hiker?

Well first realize, you already are one along with everyone else! You don't have to become one! It's effortless! Just being alive there are little thoughts, images going in and out of your head all day...micro thought hitch-hikers jumping in and say who gets in, and when to get out... It's really only becoming aware of the fact that you are living in an environment right now. You either believe that this environment has an effect on you or it does not. Like if you were sitting in a restaurant eventually you would be thinking of food, next eating it. If you were sitting on a beach, you would be staring at the ocean, next you are swimming in it. The only thing you need to ask yourself is "How did I get to the restaurant?" or "How did I get to the beach?". Did I imagine the restaurant or the beach prior to being there? Lets say you didn't think of it. You never had a thought about it. Is that possible? Is it possible to go through a day without imagining what is coming next? If this is true then who or what is preparing the day for us?  I don't know about you but even writing about this seems like a no brain-er. I think I got myself to the beach by imagining that is what I want to do that day. When I make images in my mind of it then my body either vibes or does not. What about everyone else on the beach? Were they all imagining it to? Then how about events happening at the beach? Like volley ball, Frisbee, a couple having an argument? Do we dream up the details? A perfect dive saving the volley ball game, the color of the Frisbee, my sister and I arguing over who's fault it was we were late to the beach?  There are almost perfect days at the beach and there are not. Size of the waves, rain or sun, temperature, and wind all make up it's perfection or lack of it.

So what makes up a day on the beach and does everyone on that beach have something to do with uncovering the perfect day? When one imagines the beach, most imagine sun, warm water, sun tan lotion, people in bathing suits etc... Then what follows is the beach.

So now can we apply this to larger events like a mass peace gathering, or maybe a war. Are we imagining peace prior to peace? Are the nations that eventually go to war imagining that on a micro level within their neighborhoods wishing ill on the guy across the street? When most of the country is wishing some form of ill eventually it escalates? With peace & harmony also?

Do I believe I am the product of the environment I inhabit-spirit, mind and body? Do I believe I choose my environments?

I realize as a Quantum Hitch-Hiker I am individually and collectively creating it all like writing a real life movie script. When I realize this then naturally I'd like to direct it, write or re-write the script. I happen to call it Quantum Hitch-Hiking. You may have another name for taking on this huge reality: "I'm the creator of my destiny with every little thought I imagine."